Sunday, January 28, 2007

Re: Xdelta 1.1.4

An especially grateful user wrote me to say thanks for the open-source software:Thanks! Another writes:Thanks again! =)

This is a maintenence release: Xdelta 1.1.4 remains substantially unchanged since 1999. This release fixes a bug: Compressed data from 32-bit platforms failed to decompress on 64-bit platforms. This is fixed in the decoder (it was a badly-designed "hint", now ignored), so you can now read old 32-bit patches on 64-bit platforms. Patches produced by 1.1.4 are still readable by 1.1.3 on the same platform. Still, Xdelta 1.1.x is losing its edge.

Xdelta3 compresses faster and better, using a standardized data format—VCDIFF, and has no dependence on gzip or bzip2. If using a standardized encoding is not particularly important for you, Xdelta3 supports secondary compression options. Xdelta3 (with the -9 -S djw flags) is comparible in terms of compression, but much faster than bsdiff. Xdelta3 includes a Windows .exe in the official release.

As always, I'm interested in your feedback (file a new issue). Are you compressing gigabyte files with Xdelta3? Have you used dfc-gorilla (by the makers of RTPatch)?

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