Saturday, February 18, 2006

Latest release: xdelta30d.tar.gz fixes a bug sent in by at least three users. Thanks for great reporting. The bug was an assertion failure during encode, so it's one you would have noticed, had it happened to you.

Several of you have sent patches for building on Windows, which I appreciate. This version should at least be easier to build (e.g., rename a field from near to near_array, add "b" to the fopen() mode, eliminate unnecessary sys/ includes, ...).

The author of kdiff3 mailed, asking for help visualizing binary diffs. We'll get that working, but in the meanwhile there is a way to print the contents of a VCDIFF input, xdelta3 printdelta INPUT. It prints the VCDIFF header, followed by the instruction list. For example:

Offset Code Type1 Size1 @Addr1 + Type2 Size2 @Addr2
000000 019 CPY_0 59357 @0
059357 013 ADD 12
059369 037 CPY_1 5 @120794
059374 019 CPY_0 2066 @59370

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