Sunday, October 25, 2009

Re: 3.0w (source)

With such a good state of affairs (i.e., no bug reports), I was able to tackle a top-requested feature (59, 73). Many of you have asked to be able to encode deltas using a FIFO as the source file, because it means you can encode/decode from a compressed-on-disk source file when you don't have enough disk space for a temporary uncompressed copy. This is now supported, with one caveat.

When decoding with a non-seekable source file, the -B flag, which determines how much space is dedicated to its block cache, must be set at least as large as was used for encoding. If the decoder cannot proceed because -B was not set large enough, you will see:

xdelta3: non-seekable source: copy is too far back (try raising -B): XD3_INTERNAL

The stream->src->size field has been eliminated. Internally, a new stream->src->eof_known state has been introduced. This was a big improvement in code quality because, now, the source and target files are treated the same with respect to external (de)compression and several branches of code are gone for good.

Update Issue 95: command-line decode I/O-bound in 3.0w

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