Thursday, September 04, 2008

Re: Google's open-vcdiff

Google released a new open-source library for RFC 3284 (VCDIFF) encoding and decoding, designed to support their proposed Shared Dictionary Compression over HTTP (SDCH, a.k.a. "Sandwich") protocol.

This is great news. The author and I have had numerous discussions over a couple of features that VCDIFF lacks, and now that we have two open-source implementations we're able to make real progress on the standard. Both Google's open-vcdiff and Xdelta-3.x implement a extensions to the standard, but I ran a simple interoperability test and things look good. Run xdelta3 with "-n" to disable checksums and "-A" to disable its application header.

A big thanks to Lincoln Smith and Google's contributors. (Disclaimer: I am an employee of Google, but I did not contribute any code to open-vcdiff.)

P.S. I'm still debugging the xdelta3 merge command, stay tuned to issue 36.

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