Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Re: Regression test framework

3.0t released in December 2007 has turned out to be extremely stable, and I'm busy preparing the first non-beta release candidate. The problem with being stable is the risk of regression, so I've been nervously putting together a new regression testing framework to help exercise obscure bugs.

The most critical bug reported since 3.0t is a non-blocking API-specific problem. Certain bugs only affect the API, not the xdelta3 command-line application, because the command-line application uses blocking I/O even though the API supports non-blocking I/O. Issue 70 reported an infinite loop processing a certain pair of files. The reporter graciously included sample inputs to reproduce the problem, and I fixed it in SVN 239.

But I wasn't happy with the fix until now, thanks to the new regression testing framework. With ~50 lines of code, the test creates an in-memory file descriptor, then creates two slight variations intended to trigger the bug. SVN 256 contains the new test.

So just what is it that makes me feel 3.x is so stable? It's e-mails like this from Alex White at intralan.co.uk:Thanks for all the feedback! I like stable software too.

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