Thursday, November 08, 2007

Xdelta-3.0s release notes:
Xdelta-3.0r release notes:
As an example of the new recode command and secondary compression options:
$ ./xdelta3 -S none -s xdelta3.h xdelta3.c OUT  # 53618 bytes
$ ./xdelta3 recode -S djw1 OUT OUT-djw1 # 51023 bytes
$ ./xdelta3 recode -S djw3 OUT OUT-djw3 # 47729 bytes
$ ./xdelta3 recode -S djw6 OUT OUT-djw6 # 45946 bytes
$ ./xdelta3 recode -S djw7 OUT OUT-djw7 # 45676 bytes
$ ./xdelta3 recode -S djw8 OUT OUT-djw8 # 45658 bytes
$ ./xdelta3 recode -S djw9 OUT OUT-djw9 # 45721 bytes
Secondary compression remains off by default. Passing -S djw is equivalent to -S djw6.

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