Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm happy about an e-mail from a manager at Pocket Soft, clarifying what was written in my previous post. Obviously, Pocket Soft deserves recognition here because, commercially speaking, they're the only basis for comparison sent by users. I am posting the entire content here.I've received a steady stream of e-mail regarding Xdelta ever since version 0.13 was released (Oct 12 1997) and this is one of the nicest ones ever. Thanks.

Re: Patents and the Oracles of the world

The threat model is: I will sell a software license excluding you from the (copyright-related) terms of the GPL, giving you unlimited use for a flat fee, but it's done without representations, warranties, liabilities, indemnities, etc. The argument is, your company could be sued over intellectual property rights if any of the following technologies and programs should fall to a claim (although they have never to my knowledge been in doubt): Zlib-1.x, Xdelta-1.x, and the draft-standard RFC 3284 (VCDIFF).

I will say this:But, patents aren't the real issue to me, in this post or the last, it's about support and features. This really is more than "just byte-level differencing at play".

Re: Support

In the unlikely event that you find an Xdelta crash or incorrect result, I'm really interested in fixing it. I keep track of issues. I respond to e-mail, like this one about directory-diff support:Here's a user-submitted perl script for recursive directory diff. (To which the sender replied, "I don't know barely nothing about perl," making two of us.) If you have your own engineers, if Xdelta passes your tests, you probably don't need support. If you're McAfee or the US Navy, you need support. Here's someone who needs support:I'd rather work on my car project than self-registering files, thank you very much. =)

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