Friday, February 17, 2006

A number of people have written me recently regarding xdelta3 on windows. Fact is, I would love it. One writes:

> Hello,
> I have compiled xdelta with cygwin. I have noticed several versions of
> executables produced, but my question is quite simple.
> I want to make diff-like delta from one file to another in the way I could
> in xdelta 1.x, the syntax was
> xdelta delta original_file new_file delta_file
> and to create new file from delta
> xdelta patch delta_file original_file new_file
> What combination of arguments and what commands shall I issue with xdelta3
> to gain the same effect?

The syntax is similar to gzip, with the addition of a "-s original_file" argument. By themselves,

xdelta3 -df
xdelta3 -f

operate the similarly to gzip, even without the -s flag.

> I can't figured out what is wrong with the module. But I solve the
> problem calling the C binary from os.system('/usr/bin/xdelta3...').
> I whish to tell you that I'm very impressed by xdelta3 and would like
> to see finished and polished. I just hope you have some time to
> deliver an xdelta3 release.
> Again, thank you for xdelta3!

You're welcome. Thanks for writing in. I have a big pile of mail still to go through, and I have at least one xdelta3 bug report. Stay tuned...

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